We love sports!

Sport is fun when you have found the right sports for you. Fitter, healthier, more powerful or simply more relaxed. The effects of sport are as various as the goals that athletes associate with it. Some people want to win competitions in their sports, others train in order to stay in shape. And still others want to improve their state of health, remain resilient and flexible through regular exercise.

But why do some people enjoy sports so much and others find it unbearable? Quite simple. It’s only really fun if you know why you train and how to train properly to achieve the goal you set yourself. Troublesome sweating without results is probably not tempting for anyone.

We at cardioscan love sports of all kinds. Everyone has their own passion and many of us like to try out new things again and again. But in addition to our passion for sports we also trust in data. Because they are the best support in training. Measured body data allow us to understand our body and show us what we really need to make sport meaningful for us. And not only that. Our body data is also the best guide to optimally control our nutrition and to enter regeneration phases exactly when they are important for us. All this together guarantees lasting success and therefore a lot of motivation.

Measured body data just make you better and fitter. In training, in nutrition and also in stress management. That’s why we not only love sports, but also what we do every day: With our innovations we help people every day to pursue their goals with ease and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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How it all began

In 2001 Dr. Marc Weitl founded cardioscan GmbH in Hamburg. He had the medical know-how for the prevention of heart disease, and a friend supplied the technology: a software that could display the heart and its stress levels in colour and in 3D. From this, the company developed a complete screening including training control for doctors and fitness studios. cardioscan and its systems offer the best, easiest to understand and fastest method on the market. And that makes cardioscan your partner for smart diagnostic solutions for the intelligent planning of training, nutrition and regeneration.

We at cardioscan are pioneers in medical fitness. Our technologies are innovative, our products are well designed and user-friendly. This has convinced physicians and also fitness experts of our products – and those who matter most to us: people like you.

Our work is based on three principles:

1. We believe in data. Our testing and training programs would not work if they did not stand up to every scientific validation study. In addition, our intelligence is based on the data we collected and the experience of over 18 years.

2. We believe in motivation. We educate, we show ways to a more dynamic, healthier life. You just have to walk it.

3. We believe in motivation. We educate, we show ways to a more dynamic, healthier life. You just have to walk it.

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