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Heart rate variability, stress levels, body composition and metabolism: With the mescan Self-Check you can figure out your body data. Without an appointment, exactly when you want it. The mescan is a new world of smart optimisation of training, nutrition and regeneration.

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The mescan checks your entire body in just 45 seconds. Uncomplicated and can be done by yourself at any time. 

SpO2 and HRV measurement by cardioscan Sensor2Touch technology

Foot electrodes with integrated sensors for octopolar bio-impedance analysis

health index

The health index takes a 360-degree view of your body and health. It combines the results of the fitness, recovery and nutrition indices – and doesn’t forget to look at your habits. To improve your health index, you just have to change the habits. It’s easy because you have the vicoach.

fitness index

The fitness index is calculated from your skeletal muscle mass, your biological age and the cell fitness value – so: what is your body made up of? And what does this mean for your training? It gives you important information on how to get fitter.

nutrition index

What about the nutritional side of your body? Are you sufficiently supplied with water? How high is your body fat percentage? The nutrition index measures all this – and then tells you whether you have an active metabolism which you should have for a healthy life.

recovery index

Your recovery index is composed of your heart rate variability and your oxygen saturation. It tells you how well recovered your body is at the moment of measurement. And then you know what kind of training is needed now: If it’s low, you should take it easy. If it is high: let´s go!


Training works best when you understand your body. The mescan checks your body data and also coaches you highly individual based on its results – so you get intelligent, tailor-made recommendations for training, nutrition and regeneration. In other words: exactly what you need. 

Cell Fitness

The metabolism in the smallest unit of the body, the cell, is considered the basis for all other processes. This is measured by the cell fitness value.

Oxygen saturation

The oxygen saturation of your blood can provide information about your general health and personal well-being.

Resting heart rate

The resting heart rate is the basis for determining your personal training heart rates. This is the only way to reach your goal.

Muscle mass

Muscles are always active. The more muscles, the more calories you burn. By training your muscles regularly you can also strengthen your immune system.

Body Fat

Too much body fat can promote chronic diseases. Recognize how much fat is healthy for you and how to break down excess fat.

Heart rate variability

The heart rate variability gives you information about your autonomic nervous system and insights into your current stress level to determine the training intensity for you.



The vicoach app is your virtual coach who always shows you the right way. Based on the measured body data, vicoach generates the best recommendations for you so that training, nutrition and regeneration works.

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