The vicoach is your virtual coach

You only have one body.
Let me help to make it better.

I’m your virtual coach and I know that you need more than just training. I’m not just thinking about your fitness, I’m thinking about your health, and I’m thinking about it holistically. And the more you tell me about yourself, the smarter I get – just for you.

I’m your vicoach. The best coach you ever had.

And you don’t have to do much for that: You just download me on your smartphone and feed me your data. And you can do, if you want, a scan in your gym with our checkpoint or the mescan. With this information I help you with your training, with your nutrition, with your regeneration. I will also tell you why I give you these recommendations – and much more.

Your body is writing your training plan!

Everybody needs its own kick that suits it and keeps it healthy. Using the information from the app and the data from the scans, I can put together an individual sports program for you, according to your needs and wishes. I put something on your ears and encourage you to dive deep into nature every now and then.

What fuel does your engine need?

Fries before training is not a good idea, I can tell you that much. But always salad and cereals are boring in the long run. The world of nutrition is big and colourful, and together we’ll find out which foods will get you going. I will give you valuable information about what they do for your body. – And of course: : I have recipes for you too.

What you have to do to stay fit? Sometimes nothing at all.

After all, the heart is a hard-working and resilient muscle, but a holistic fitness program also includes recovery. And not only from sports: Everything that causes you stress in your everyday life can be read immediately from a scan on your heart.

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