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As a gym, you want to inspire your members with an individual and high-quality training experience. With cardioscan, we offer you the tools to do just that. Our smart diagnostics solutions provide a comprehensive body analysis to offer customized training programs and increase your members' satisfaction.

Personalized training

Use your members' detailed body data to create personalized training plans tailored to their goals and needs.

Effective progress management

Track your members' progress over time, analyze their results, and adjust training plans accordingly.

Motivation and customer satisfaction

Show your members their progress and successes to motivate and retain them for the long term.

Differentiation from the competition

Offer innovative diagnostic solutions to set you apart from other gyms and present an outstanding training experience.

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Challenges in focus:

As a gym, you face some challenges that need to be overcome. We understand the demands of the industry and want to help you overcome them. Discover how mescan can take your gym to the next level.

Individual support

Standardized programs are often not enough to help your members reach their full potential. However, individualized training plans are critical to achieving optimal results.

Motivation of the members

It's a challenge to continually motivate your members and get them to achieve their training goals. Without tailored support, motivation can quickly wane.

Body data collection and analysis

Accurate measurement and analysis of body data is critical to tracking your members' progress and adjusting training. Until now, the ability to collect and analyze such data has been limited.

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We understand that every gym has unique needs and requirements. That's why we are at your side to find the perfect solution for you. We offer comprehensive support and accompany you with individual coaching and training. Benefit from our network of experts and get access to ready-to-use marketing materials to make your gym even more successful. With us, you won't just find a product, but a reliable partner for your smart diagnostics solution.

Get inspired by other gyms

See how our customers achieve their goals and write their success stories with cardioscan (only in German).

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