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Smart diagnostic solutions for physiotherapists

## Make therapy successes visible

Make therapy successes visible

In therapy, measured body data is the ultimate enhancer. It allows us to understand the body and highlight what you and your patients truly need. With the 360° perspective of the cardioscan checkpoint, we create the perfect foundation for this. In no time, all relevant body data is captured to generate individual recommendations for your patients based on that.

More for your patients

Our smart diagnostic solutions offer you numerous advantages in order to treat your patients holistically, to optimize everyday practice, to design individual therapy plans and to increase the motivation of your patients.

Holistic patient recovery

Through comprehensive capturing and analysis of body data, you can provide your patients with a holistic therapy that takes into account all relevant aspects of their health.

Process optimization in daily practice

Our solutions enable efficient and time-saving capture of body data, allowing you to have more time for actual therapy and optimize your daily practice.

Individually tailored therapy plans

Based on the measured body data, you will receive personalized recommendations and can create individual therapy plans that are precisely tailored to the needs of your patients.

Increasing patient motivation

By transparently presenting the results of the 360° perspective, you can effectively communicate therapy progress to your patients and significantly enhance their motivation.

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### Smart diagnostics for your therapy success

Smart diagnostics for your therapy success

Therapy success is only achieved when movement, nutrition, and regeneration are in harmony. Our smart diagnostic solutions allow you to present the results of this 360° perspective in a modern, digital, and user-friendly way for your patients.

Body data - The ultimate enhancers

With a holistic view of relevant body data, we establish the foundation for intelligent and tailored recommendations to promote the health of your patients. Thanks to this data, your patients can take control of their fitness and health, achieving measurable results.

Care concept

To optimize the interplay of knowledge, communication, and motivation, individual care concepts are crucial. Diagnostics become an integral part of your practice concept, where quality, patient engagement, and the shared success of therapist and patient take center stage.

Therapy report with just one click

Conducting the analyses

The following cardioscan screenings are suitable for the physiotherapy report:

  • mescan
  • mobilityscan
  • corescan

Interpretation and evaluation of results

  • Presentation of results in the cardioscan software and in the end-user app
  • Display of potential action recommendations

Report creation

Exporting the results as a PDF, including descriptions of the respective analyses, values, and recommendations.

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We understand that every physiotherapist has unique needs and requirements. That's why we're by your side, working together to find the perfect solution for you. We offer comprehensive support and accompany you with individual coaching and training. Benefit from our expert network and gain access to ready-made marketing materials to make your practice even more successful. With us, you'll find not just a product, but a reliable partner for your smart diagnostic solution.

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See how our customers achieve their goals and write their success stories with cardioscan (only in German).

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