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Customizable and Configurable

Offer your customers a revolutionary training control with the modular and configurable cardioscan checkpoint. As a B2B health provider, you know that individual adjustments and precise measurements are crucial to support your customers in the best possible way. With the cardioscan checkpoint, you get a flexible product that can be tailored to the needs of your customers.

Our system combines all the necessary measurements and generates intelligent recommendations that help your customers effectively reach their training goals. Whether it's a fitness studio, physiotherapy practice, or other health facilities, the cardioscan checkpoint enables professional training control and promotes optimal well-being for your customers.

Discover the perfect solution to expand your offering and provide your customers with tailored added value. With its modular configuration, the cardioscan checkpoint adapts seamlessly to your company's requirements, enabling a unique customer experience.

One Device. Countless Possibilities.

The checkpoint is designed with a modular structure, which means it can be customized to suit the needs of your business. Here is an overview of the available modules and their functions:


By performing a heart stress measurement (HRV measurement), we can gather insights into both physical and mental health and provide optimal training zones. For more information about the cardioscan module, please visit here.

bodyscan IQ

Within seconds, the bodyscan IQ module provides a complete body assessment. The results reveal training progress and serve as a source of motivation to stay on track. To learn more about the bodyscan IQ module, please visit here.

bodyscan to go

The bodyscan to go is the mobile version of the bodyscan IQ and is perfect for on-the-go. Simply pack it up and check your body composition data anytime, anywhere. To learn more about the bodyscan module, please visit here.


The MetabolicScan module determines, through breath gas analysis, how the body metabolizes fats and carbohydrates. The results provide essential information for highly efficient training and nutrition programs. For detailed information about the MetabolicScan module, please visit here.


Performancescan is an essential component of professional training control. It plays a crucial role in the individual training planning of high-performance athletes. To learn more about the PerformanceScan module, please visit here.

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Which checkpoint is right for you?

We have created three standard configurations to make your selection easier:

Start training safely with body analysis on the go and heart stress measurement. This configuration collects the most important parameters for a healthy workout. What is the composition of muscle, water, and fat in the body? What is the current stress and fitness level? These are the fundamentals for targeted training recommendations.


  • Terminal
  • Cardioscan
  • Bodyscan

With the additional metabolicscan, you combine all the advantages of the Basic configuration and can also determine your customers' metabolism. How are body fats and carbohydrates metabolized, and what does that mean for training? With the Premium configuration, you provide highly efficient recommendations.


  • Terminal
  • cardioscan
  • bodyscan
  • metabolicscan

With the Professional configuration, you gain a 360-degree view of your customer. In addition to the smart body analysis with Bodyscan IQ, the configuration includes the performancescan module for determining individual endurance performance. You have complete control over successful customer support.


  • Terminal
  • Cardioscan
  • Bodyscan IQ
  • Metabolicscan
  • Performancescan
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