Achieve Your Fitness Goals with the vicoach App

Meet your virtual fitness coach providing recommendations on training, nutrition, and recovery based on your body data.

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The Virtual Coach for Your Personal Fitness Goal!

Why is our app better than a traditional trainer? Because it considers your body data and adjusts to your fitness level. With our app, you'll receive customized training and nutrition plans tailored to your specific needs. Have you ever determined your optimal heart rate zone for effective weight loss? Or do you know your unique metabolic type? Our app provides you with these valuable insights and accompanies you on your journey to reach your fitness goal. Don't leave anything to chance - get the best coach you've ever had: our app!

Available 24/7 for you

With our app, you will receive tips, tricks, and information for all relevant areas:

Training recommendations

Nutrition tips

Recovery strategies

Comprehensive statistics

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### How do the app and your body data come together?

How do the app and your body data come together?

It's quite simple! Visit one of our partner studios to undergo a comprehensive assessment. The data collected there forms the solid foundation for the personalized recommendations in your vicoach app. Find the nearest studio in your area and start your fitness journey with vicoach today!

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