From body data to achievements

The vicoach software controls all measurements with its various modules. The easily understandable results demonstrate progress and provide continuous motivation to keep going.

The cloud-based software allows access to measurement results from any device, making customer consultation easy and convenient. The software is intuitively operated and simplifies complex health topics. The intelligence of the software generates individual recommendations for action based on the measured body data, tailored precisely to each individual. Only through this can success be achieved from measurement data.

vicoach business Software

Here are all the benefits of the vicoach business software:


Assessment of health behavior, determination of mental health, and evaluation of the mental level.


Assessment of physical defense mechanisms for a healthy, strong body, and well-being.


Analysis of functional mobility for increased freedom of movement and well-being.

consultation letter

If there are abnormalities in the heart stress measurement, the end customer can provide this information (as a printout) to their doctor for further examination and medical clarification through the consultation letter.

cardioscan report

A detailed summary of all measurement results, including recommendations for action, provided in print format.

intelligence tool

Analysis of customer structure for targeted marketing, upselling, and customer retention.

Listing in Checkfinder

Cardioscan provides highly qualified leads to the listed B2B partners in Checkfinder.

Marketing and E-Learning

Access to the download area for marketing materials of all cardioscan products, as well as all video tutorials from product training and sales training.

Powerful Software

Automatic updates, unlimited data hosting (GDPR-compliant), access control for upselling, integration with common interfaces.

The Latest Product Updates:

At cardioscan, we are constantly striving to evolve and optimize our software. Why? Because we firmly believe that only through close collaboration with our customers can we achieve the best results. Therefore, we are excited to introduce our latest product updates to you.

2023 - Q2

Display of Email Status:

The studio staff can now check whether a customer has not yet confirmed their welcome email and therefore their email address for the vicoach account.

If this is the case, a red email icon will be displayed next to the customer's name in their profile. A notification will also be shown in the actions menu. The studio staff then has the option to resend the welcome email to the customer.